staypissed-staypunk asked: "Your video was brilliant, your lobes are glorious, and you as a whole are adorable! Happy birthday, love! ✌️"

Aw thanks Hun!!! Haha & thanks for the bday wish ☺️

iwilltriumph asked: "Your welcome💚"

Gotta catch up where we left off cause last time we talk was 50 months ago 😿

These Hoes Ain't Loyal | Chris Brown
Anonymous asked: "just watched the video you posted and im in love with you :P and happy birthday!!!! made me laugh :)"

Awesome ! So glad you enjoyed watching it bc I had a fun time filming . & thank you :)


Whirr in Philly
loveloudlyrics asked: "Happy birthday"

Thank you ! :)

Earthly Love | Gorguts
jerseyxscum asked: "Happy birthday my lovely cousin! It's so funny how my birthday was 2 days ago & you're older by one year, anyways miss you call me tomorrow when you're free :)"

LOL! Thank you :) I know right I want to know how your birthday went? K I’ll call you tomorrow

iwilltriumph asked: "Happy Birthday Fabian🙈"

Ryan!!! Miss talking to you babe, & thank you 💀

deathc-ore asked: "happy birthday!"

Thankss dude :)

pukingdads asked: "Happy birthday babe!"

Thankk you babes :)

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